A game made by BIG BOSS DOLPHIN


2021-11-15: Sound effects - need to be switched ON with the icon in the top-right corner or in the settings

2021-10-29: New hats for Halloween!

2021-10-27: New skins for Halloween!

2021-10-25: New map: 1-2-3 Red Light! (inspired by Squid Game)

2021-07-21: New map: Shark Park

2021-06-08: New lobby map: Sport Warmup

2021-06-08: New map: Gravity Gates

2021-05-25: New map: Devil's Trick

2021-04-22: New hats & premium packs!

2021-04-07: New map: Kittie Kegs

2021-03-30: Gain coins, buy hats and skins!

2021-03-26: New skins!

2021-03-12: New map: Mill Valley

2021-03-05: New map: Spiky Slopes

2021-02-05: Another pregame lobby map!

2021-02-05: Added an alternative warmup/lobby map

2021-01-27: Added Party Lobbies: create a party link and join a match with up to 30 friends!

2021-01-12: New map: Tricky Traps.

2021-01-07: Happy new year! New skins are out!

2020-12-14: Unlock new skins and colors!

2020-11-26: New Map: Risky Cliffs!

2020-11-18: Profile page showing your wins and best race times
2020-11-12: New Maps! (maps are picked randomly every round)
2020-10-14: Initial Release

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